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Skin, Hair and Nails

Sun exposure prompts development of vitamin D, but the sun rays are more damaging than in the past. If the skin receives too much sun damage can occur, including various forms of skin cancer.

The skin is our largest organ, and important to protect. However, most commercial sunscreen products are not healthy to put on the skin. It would be better to wear light cover all clothing like they do in hot desert climates.

Application of a soothing oil such as coconut oil, will moisten the skin and reduce drying and chafing. Including sources of high quality oils in the diet, such as organic flax seed, along with drinking an abundance of well purified water, and organic minerals, including silica, are also important for healthy skin and eyes.

The eyes are also exposed and vulnerable to sun and wind. It is wise to wear sun shade glasses when outside in the sun, even on hazy days. Foods rich in carotene pigments and certain herbs are helpful for good eye health.

Horsetail, rosemary , sage and dulse support healthy structural system function including the skin.

Horsetail and dulse are two of the richest sources of silicon known in the plant kingdom. Silicon works with calcium to improve the strength and flexibility of body tissues. Dulse is also rich in iodine and other trace minerals.

Hair, skin and fingernails are all healthier with the appropriate minerals. This formula enhances the tone and sheen of these external parts of the body.

Sage acts as a powerful antioxidant, preserving the integrity of body tissues. Rosemary adds additional antioxidant protection for healthier hair, skin and nails.


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